18th March 2020


Please take time to read this message and share with travellers to our Resort, as well as Samoa.

As of today there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Samoa.

For incoming travellers:

  • Please continue to check to ensure you have the most up to date relevant and information from the best source.
  • Incoming passengers – you MUST have a current medical certificate (less than 3 days from your arrival in Samoa) confirming you do not have Covid-19 or displaying any symptoms.
  • Travellers from selected Countries must also provide a Covid-19 negative test certificate, which is less than 5 days old at time of arrival to Samoa.
  • 14 days self-isolation has been activated for most Countries including Australia.
  • 14 days self-isolation will be required for travellers returning from Samoa from 19th March.

When you arrive in Samoa:

You will also have your temperature checked as well as medical declarations.

Therefore it is recommended that where possible, you delay travel.

We understand most travel agencies and airlines have introduced very flexible terms and have asked that non-urgent travellers delay their enquiries unless travel is in March and April.

Return to Paradise Resort & Spa is offering the following flexible terms to our guests

For existing bookings:

  • You may amend your booking to another date with new check in date by 31st March 2021.
  • You may change your booking as many times as you need to, just give us 7 days notice.
  • Wedding & Conference bookings – you may change your booking as many times as you need, just give us 28 days notice.

For new bookings:

  • Made by 30th April 2020 for any date until 31st March 2021, you may change your booking as many times as you like, just give us 7 days notice. Flexibility will be 12months from originally booked check in date.
  • Wedding & Conference bookings made until 30th April 2020 for any date, you may change your booking as many times as you like by giving us 90 days notice. Where the term is less than 90 days we will confirm the flexibility at time of enquiry.
  • All new bookings are fully refundable, if you have given us at least 90days notice.

If you have any enquiries in regards to your reservations please contact us on

Look after yourselves and eachother, this is a very difficult time for many, above all else we must remember to be kind to eachother.

Mel Toailoa – Assistant General Manager


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