Our Story

Our Story

Return to Paradise Beach in Lefaga Samoa was named after the 1953 film starring Gary Cooper and Roberta Haynes.

Samoans have regarded this beach as particularly special and it is nothing short of a spectacular beauty.

It caught the attention of Hollywood location scouts who determined it to be the perfect setting for their film.

The beach then became an iconic symbol of Samoa, deemed so valuable that traditional landowning families divided it amongst themselves.

This ensured that everyone had customary ownership and guardianship over a part of the beach, thus preserving it forever.

100% Locally Owned

Return to Paradise Resort is the only large Resort in Samoa that is 100% Samoan owned and operated. A group of Samoan investors combined with an extended family from the village to build this beautiful resort that feels like a Samoan village on the beach.

This means that everything you spend at Return to Paradise creates profits that remain in the community creating meaningful jobs for the local villagers. This same extended family run the Resort so for them it is personal.

When you stay at Return to Paradise, you are being hosted by matriarch Ramona Su’aPale and her extended family who have been guardians of this special beach for over a thousand years.

Our Culture


Showcasing the Best of Our (Samoan) World

If there’s one unique thing that we ‘all’ have in common, it is our various cultural identities.  No, that is not an oxymoron. Culture, in its most eclectic and beautiful ways, sets us apart from the rest of the world and helps to identify and shape each of us into who we are… and we are Samoan, proud and true.

At Return to Paradise Resort, you can expect to experience our Samoan way of life through activities such as basket weaving, umu (underground cooking), prayer sessions, island night bands, visits to nearby villages and even thrilling fire dances.

While some of these are showpieces, we are far more than that, and we hope you see and learn, and most importantly, feel the real ‘Samoa’ in every personal conversation, smile and encounter while you stay with us.

Samoans take tremendous pride in the landscaping of our homes, properties and environment, and this is also evident all around the resort. It is manicured exactly as we manicure our homes and villages. It is not a resort to us, it is simply a bigger guest house.
It has been created with Samoan architecture, carvings and gardens that are designed to make you, as our guests, feel special and invited into our very own homes.

Our resort was designed with love and a Samoan touch.  It has to be… for this is the Samoan thing to do.