Turtles Hatch at Return to Paradise Resort

10th September 2018

Over a period of two weeks in February, some large hawksbill sea turtles came to visit Return to Paradise Resort.

Many swam around the lagoon close to the Rock Pool Bar much to the delight of the guests. And for the first time in years, several turtles waddled up on the beach had laid their eggs at night.

One of 75 baby sea turtles that made the staff and guests of return to paradise resort (samoa) clucky this week.

The turtles laid most of their eggs right by the beach volleyball net, so the Resort roped off the laying areas to protect the eggs.

Much to the amazement of everyone, and the delight of the guests, 75 baby turtles hatched and started to make their way to the sea.

This attracted the attention of some very hungry crabs, so the resort staff spent all night rescuing the turtles. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources and watched by some tearful guests these have now all been released on the beach and made their way to the water. Once they hit the water, they were off at an amazing speed.

“The turtles have delighted everyone at the Resort this year,” says Director Ramona Su’a Pale; “we protect our precious natural environment – we have a very rich coral garden right in front of the Resort and it is just wonderful to see the turtles back nesting. Watch this space next year.”

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