Return To Paradise Resort Offers Food Parcels to Distressed Families

05th May 2020

Every Thursday you can see the two Return to Paradise vehicles plus the General Manager’s silver Pajero driving along the district of Lefaga, and beyond, delivering food parcels. The food parcels are delivered to the workers had to be temporarily laid off because of Covid-19, as well as some of elderly who need the extra helping hand.

“For our drivers – this is the highlight of their week – to be met by families who are so happy to see them. We believe it is what God commands us to do – we can feel God’s smile,” says General Manager Ramona Su’a Pale.

The food parcels vary slightly week to week – based on what the Resort can get the most of – but normally include flour, rice, sugar, chicken, sausages, noodles, cooking oil, biscuits, and tinned fish.

Visiting the families gives an opportunity to see if all is well. If there is any illness in the family, the Resort arranges to get them to the doctors. “Out of all the things we do, we love this the most. It keeps us in touch with everyone,” says Ramona; “We believe this is what we do best – as the villages of Lefaga, we must come together especially during these challenging times.”

For Mother’s Day weekend Return to Paradise Resort is going to test the waters and open for guests.

“We know in this time of uncertainty we will see what happens and will look at doing the same again including for Independence Day weekend,” says Assistant General Manager Melanie Toailoa; “So, if anyone is deciding on how to treat your Mum, we encourage you to come and stay with us and enjoy the most beautiful beach in Samoa. Why not join us this is what we have on offer?”
Return to Paradise is offering two and three-bedroom villas for the holiday weekends including this Mother’s Day. Prices range from $350ST per night for two-bedroom garden view to $550ST per night for three-bedroom beach front. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and air-conditioning, our villas have a kitchen, TV; plus, we have our amazing Return to Paradise Beach, a great place to relax and unwind.”

“Return to Paradise Resort is the only large resort in Samoa that is owned and operated by Samoans and we appreciate all the support in the local community. The Lefaga villages see Return to Paradise as OUR Resort,” says Site Manager Lemalu Ofisa; “Even though these temporary layoffs have hurt these families, we have met with the Matais and everyone has understood why it has been necessary. Although Lefaga has lost most of its income, everyone is still very supportive of our Resort.”

Lemalu Atuli the toeaina matua of Matatu Lefaga and the grandfather of the Return to Paradise Resort has said, “Our village has benefited enormously from having Return To paradise Resort here, we are so proud that this resort is led by our own families in these tough times, we are all working together closer than ever to look after our resort and our village.”

A further 40 staff have been kept on reduced hours, with most of these now involved in maintenance. This skeleton staff will respond to all phone calls and booking requests as priority.
Due to the uncertain dates for the future, the resort will allow any booking made to be postponed for up to two years without penalty, and if you already have bookings with us, we do ask where possible to consider amendments rather than cancellation, which would be helpful to our resort and to our people.

But as Ramona says:” In these difficult times it is more important than ever that we are kind to each other.”

For bookings and inquires, contact
SAMOA: 685 35055 or 7675000 or 7675001


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