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Return To Paradise

Tourism Excellence Award Winner

Welcome to Return to Paradise Resort and Spa

Return to Paradise Resort is Samoa’s most renowned beachfront accommodation. Located on the island’s most iconic and beautiful beach, it was after an exhaustive search that Hollywood selected our white sandy beach for the world to see. With just a single glimpse, it’s not hard to understand why.






We are very relieved to advise that the Measles epidemic has now passed and the Government  has lifted the state of emergency. We mourn for the little ones lost over this very sad time. But we want to reassure you that all our staff had been vaccinated and it has always been safe for people who have been vaccinated to visit Samoa and stay at Return to Paradise. The tragic deaths that have occurred have all been people who had either not been vaccinated, or had been vaccinated once they had already caught the disease. So again, our guests have been safe all through this tragic time. However many people have cancelled their plans to visit Samoa and this is hurting the local economy badly now.  Now that the emergency has passed, we encourage you to book your holidays, weddings and events with us. Come and visit us. We look forward to welcoming you when you Return to Paradise and we hope it is someday soon.


  • Samoa Tourism Excellence Award 2019
    – Overall Winner
  • Certificate Of Excellence – 2019
  • Best Culinary Dish