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Turtles Hatch at Return to Paradise Resort

Over a period of two weeks in February, some large hawksbill sea turtles came to visit Return to Paradise Resort. Many swam around the lagoon close to the Rock Pool Bar much to the delight of the guests.  And for the first time in years, several turtles waddled up on the beach had laid their eggs at night. One of 75 baby sea turtles that made the staff and guests of return to paradise resort (samoa) clucky this week. The turtles laid most of their eggs right by the beach volleyball net, so the Resort roped off the laying...

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‘Return to Paradise’ take out culinary award

The Return to Paradise Resort took out the Prime Minister’s Cup at the annual Culinary Association Food Challenge for best new dish. Unfortunately nobody was able to attend last week’s prize giving at the New Zealand High Commissioner’s residence, so celebrations of their success came a little later. The competition brief was to create a main course dish utilizing the best of New Zealand and Samoan ingredients. The Return to Paradise chefs created Paradise Lamb New Zealand lamb with a mint and beetroot salsa with wilted laupele resting on a bed of breadfruit and coconut creamed gnocchi. To win...

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Toa Samoa Chooses Return to Paradise Resort for Camp

Toa Samoan has been camped at Return to Paradise Resort for the last week for their training camp in preparation for the historical match against Fiji in Apia this Saturday 8th October.  The team is made up the best Samoan league players from the NRL and around the world. Coach Matt Parish chose to bring the team back to Return to Paradise Resort as this was where the team had stayed in the build up to the Four Nations in 2014. The Gary Cooper Lounge was idea for the team’s meeting room with wifi, table tennis,  pool table, datashow and...

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